Neurofeedback is an essential ingredient in the treatment of developmental trauma. Sebern Fisher is the one to teach us.”

Bessel van der Kolk, MD
Boston, MA

With her her great clinical insights and unique ability to translate current research in the neuroscience of trauma into guiding principles for neurofeedback practice, Sebern’s webinars are without doubt the best way to learn how to integrate neurofeedback and psychotherapy in working with trauma survivors.”

Mirjana Askovic
STARTTS, Australian Neurofeedback Institute

Each time I train with Sebern I not only learn new concepts and ways to conceptualize but also am able to deepen my understanding.

Deirdre Stewart, LPC, SEP, BCN

95% of my caseload is children ages 5-12 with complex trauma and I consider it a gift to be able to staff cases with Sebern Fisher. Her experience and expertise with this population, as well as her encouragement to try different protocols, has made a measurable difference in the lives of many children on my caseload. In addition, her apparent insatiable quest for the latest neuroscience and research, and her graciousness in sharing this with us, provides us with up to date information to inform the protocols we are trying with clients.

Kelly Vagts, LCSW
Grand County School District

I am writing to express my gratitude for the opportunity to meet with Sebern and other therapists learning to use neurofeedback on behalf of our clients with histories of developmental trauma. I feel so deeply honored and grateful to be able to listen as Sebern helps each participant think through the needs of their client and to think through what we are trying to accomplish with neurofeedback in each instance, how, and how we might change protocols based on the responses of the client. This is such cutting-edge work and holds out hope for relief and fuller lives for our clients. It is truly inspiring!

My experience is that Sebern creates a safe space for sharing what’s happening, our hopes and what may be stalled or confusing about each case. Her interest, curiosity and dedication are so clearly conveyed during each call. I encourage anyone hoping to provide relief and hope for their clients impacted by early attachment trauma to consider this valuable

Carla D. Hancock, LICSW
Clinical Social Worker
Montpelier, VT

Sebern’s teaching style enables our clinicians to learn more about the effects that complex developmental trauma has on the brain, mind and body, and provides insightful guidance in developing neurofeedback protocols to support clients to regulate their arousal. Since using neurofeedback under Sebern’s guidance, our clients are reporting signifiant reduction in distress and improvement in functioning to levels not achieved using more traditional methods of treatment. I would highly recommend this mentoring series to anyone considering the use of neurofeedback in their clinical practice.

Alikki Russell
Newcastle, Australia

Sebern’s wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding the trauma driven brain and using neurofeedback with developmental trauma is invaluable, and in application with my clients has demonstrated significant improvement in symptoms.

Renae Yarnold
Newcastle, Australia

I have read Sebern’s book “Neurofeedback in the Treament of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear Driven Brain” and reach for it often when working with people who are struggling as a result of early trauma. Much of the work that Sebern has done and continues to do is on the leading edge of treatment so there are no guidelines and few maps.

Ingrid Storm
BrainQuest Clinics Australia

I am newly qualified in Neurofeedback working for an agency which provides counselling, natural therapies, groupwork and now also Neurofeedback for humanitarian entrants (refugees) who’ve experienced torture and/or trauma. My initial NFB training, here in Australia, wasn’t specifically focussed on this kind of severely traumatised group- so it was really helpful “sit in on” case studies and treatment recommendations much more appropriate for these clients. Sebern Fisher has a focussed, knowledgeable and yet very supportive teaching style- I really felt I was a part of something really cutting edge and important!

Astra Furst
Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania
Glenorchy, TAS