Nature of Forgetting

Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

The Nature of Forgetting course will consist of six live webinar lectures over consecutive Sundays/Mondays, beginning February 16/17, 2020. Dates and time are shown below

  • Feb 16/17,2020 4pm EST/8am AEDT
  • Feb 23/24,2020 4pm EST/8am AEDT
  • Mar 1/2,2020 4pm EST/8am AEDT
  • Mar 8/9,2020 5pm EDT/8am AEDT
  • Mar 15/16,2020 5pm EDT/8am AEDT
  • Mar 22/23,2020 5pm EST/8am AEDT