How To Guides

  1. Participation Tips — sharing your cam, staying muted, asking questions, using pseudonyms.
  2. How to get CE credit.
  3. How to join the live webinar
  4. Time changes due to daylight-savings
  5. How to watch the recordings.

Tips For Participation

Mute yourself.

Keep your microphone muted when you join to keep ambient noises down. If you are calling in, you’ll need to press *6 to mute yourself.

Share your webcam.

At the right, as shown in the video, the camera icon allows you to share your webcam. Sharing your webcam makes for a more personable experience for everyone the live portion. For the recordings, the only webcam that will be shown is Sebern’s. So please join us!


There will be time for some Q&A after some of the sessions. As this is a formal course with a lot of material, and not a mentoring conversation as such, please email me ( your questions. That way, given our time constraints, Sebern and I can choose the most representative questions.


Finally, a note about confidentiality. We make every effort to ensure that what you share in our webinars remains confidential, password-protected and so on. And yet, we are using electronic technology after all. For the secure confidentiality of your clients, we recommend you refer to them by pseudonyms if you talk about any case histories in the Q & A.

To Get CE Credit

Name In Live Session.

For folks who intend to apply for CE credit, you must show that you are present for each live online session. This is simpler than previous sessions. Please make sure that your name appears clearly in the gotomeeting console.

To get CE credit, you must be visible in the live meeting (it isn’t enough just to log in to the website). One way to make sure that you are visible to us is to write that you are present in the chat window of the gotomeeting console.

Complete The Evaluation.

At the end of the semester you must complete and submit the online evaluation. This will go out after the last session. It can take 4-6 weeks to get you your certificate after that.

Watching the Live Webinar Course

There are two ways to open the live session.

  • Click the link in the email that goes out the day before.
  • Log in to the website so that you can see the link.

Email link.

To do the first one, just click the link in the email. You don’t need to log in anywhere. Just make sure you are opening the right link, and if you want CEs, make sure your name appears on the console.

Website Login.

For the second method, if you don’t have the email for example, follow these directions. A little beforehand, log into your account on the website

Lost Password.

If you have forgotten your login credentials, use the lost password utility. If you can’t remember your username, use the email address you gave when you created an account. If you have forgotten what email you used, then email me — i can look it up for you. The link is available now, if you want to check it out — though there is no meeting happening yet of course. But I gently suggest you make sure this all works for you before the webinar actually begins! Once the webinar begins, we try to be helpful, but it’s much trickier to troubleshoot at that point.

Course Menu Link.

Once you are logged in to, click the main menu link that says Course. On this page you will see a link to open the meeting console and join the webinar. If you haven’t used this “gotomeeting” interface before, you will likely need to download and install the program. Follow the directions. If nothing is happening, try minimizing your browser to see if there is a dialog box behind it.


For this first live session, I’ve arranged for Sylvia, one of our senior EEGer tech support folks, to be available if there are issues. If you have difficulty connecting, you have several choices. You can call us 1 (888)-521-9803 — if you get an answering machine it’s because so many calls are coming at once. Please leave your number and we’ll call you back. Or send us an email to Please include the best phone number to call you. Remember, the course session will be recorded, and the recording will come out in about a week.

Live Sessions Time Change

As you may know, daylight savings affects the course schedule. If you are participating from Australia, the schedule does not change: the live webinar will consistently begin at 9 a.m. in your time zone (AEDT). If you are in the Eastern Time Zone in the U.S., the first four sessions will begin at 5pm; beginning March 10, the live sessions start at 6pm.

Website Schedule

The Schedule on the website has the correct times. Note that some menu items have drop-downs and are themselves clickable links, too. “Schedule” is one of those; so is “Course.” Try it!

Your Timezone

If your time zone is not represented, you can find out what time it will begin where you are by looking at this website (change the date as needed):

Watching the Recordings

Log into your account.

Click the menu item called Course. Videos will remain accessible there for 30 days. We try to be efficient and speedy getting the recordings posted. With our best effort, it can sometimes take a week for the recording to be produced and posted.

Thanks so much for joining us! We are very excited about the course, and about cultivating both our understanding of the brain and this wonderful community of clinicians. See you very soon!